Jeff Gephart is an American novelist, the writer of The Second Life, Out of Dark Places and Accidental Adulthood. He also enjoys writing poetry, short fiction, and screenplays. He wrote and performed for a weekly sketch comedy television show for three seasons that was seen on cable television markets in the Eastern and Midwestern United States. In addition to having acted in various independent film projects, he has worked professionally as a graphic designer, Twitter ghostwriter, and an elementary school teacher. He splits his time between Sacramento and Ventura, California.

Accidental Adulthood
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Praise for Accidental Adulthood:

"Gephart’s writing is excellent throughout and never fails to amuse, but Accidental Adulthood is far more than just a humorous look at the dating game. There’s a lot of wisdom dotted around its pages and Gephart nails the disillusionment that comes with the transition to middle age."

- Kevin McAllion, author of Moristoun
​​"Every chapter is bursting with grit, texture, flavor, references to pop culture, world history and dark humor.  It's a self-deprecating stream of consciousness, a celebration of Peter Pan inside every man. It reads like a stand-up comedy skit worthy of Eric Bogosian."

- Marina J. Neary, author of Saved by the Bang​​

"​​​The best stories have great characters, and Accidental Adulthood has Mick Collins. He's a little like Ted Mosby from the TV show, How I Met Your Mother. Like Ted, Mick thinks he's in search for the perfect woman, but he's really in search for his adult self. Combine that storyline with Gephart's edgy sense of humor and the result is a fabulous read."

- Steve Lindahl, author of Motherless Soul

"There’s a witty edginess to this story that carries the reader along, with hints of Augusten Burroughs and Philip Roth. Mick’s journey is more than one of becoming; it’s toward an identity that opens up possibilities, rather than crushing them, and ultimately, a sense of belonging."

- Mary Clark, author of Miami Morning​​​