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Out of Dark Places  (2011)
Lukas Willow was once a musical prodigy, but his life took a vastly different turn when he discovered that he possessed unexplainable clairvoyant powers. Haunted by troubling visions, he has become an alcoholic recluse, his life suspended in a stagnant state of paranoia and self pity. When the mysterious Katie Reiker, a beautiful but emotionally scarred young woman, shows up on his doorstep, an unconventional relationship begins to develop that might just save them both. Time is running out,however. An impending natural disaster that only Lukas knows about forces him to make a difficult decision that will affect the lives and futures of everyone in his town.
Praise for Out of Dark Places:

"A novel consists of three main parts, first being the story, second being the characters, and third the writing. Most novels can get by with two of the three and still be considered good. Jeff Gephart managed to do all three. I am in awe of his writing. "
             -Glenn Oliver Parkhurst, author of Bled Out

"... an exquisite read ... The author's fascination with the human psyche is both clinical and artistic."
         - Marina Julia Neary, author of Brenden                              Malone, The Last Fenian

Theauthor spins a tale that builds inexorably in tension and mounting passion ... Gephart developshis characters with multi-layered complexities and fascinations with the kindof sterling finesse rarely found ... "
            - Marvin D Wilson, author of Beware the Devil's Touch,  Owen Fiddler, and I Romanced the Stone (Memoirs of a Recovering Hippie)

The Second Life  (2006)
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A sixteen-year-old girl disappears from a small town in Virginia, and the seemingly random and senseless crime begins the gradual unraveling of the family she has left behind. Emmett Sands, a spiritual leader of the rural community, finds his own faith being tested by his stepdaughter's disappearance. As he struggles to help his embittered wife cope with the tragedy, he finds he must face up to some long-buried secrets of his own. The Second Life is a story of the dual nature of the lives we all lead, and it also takes an unflinching look at some of the sensitive issues everyone must face--the disintegration of relationships, the testing of faith, living with lies, and facing their consequences. Most of all, it's about finding hope in unlikely places, and finding the courage to become who you truly are.
Other Writing


Short Fiction: "Last Saturday"

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Poetry: "On Fitting Out"(A Shout-Out poem)

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Three Stories   (2013)
A collection of three short fiction stories, ranging from a poignant look at a relationship on the rocks, to a woman terrorized by paranoia whose fears may be all too real, to a man who outrageously and hilariously reaches the point where he's had all he can take... perfect reading for when you're pressed for time, or if you just have a short attention span like me! 
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